Modern Technology

As a new dental practice in Portland, at Wildwood Dental we work with new equipment and dental technology to help achieve your best treatment outcomes and also cut down on waste!

  • 100% Digital x-ray Sensors – Our new digital sensors allow a far lower exposure to radiation compared to old style film x-rays, bringing it down to minimal levels. They allow us to see the images immediately, and also eliminate the need for wasteful disposable films.
  • Panoramic x-rays – These x-rays allow us to see all of your teeth and surrounding bone in one image.  They help us make a complete diagnosis and ensure we can recommend the most appropriate treatment for your dental health.  Our panoramic x-rays are 100% digital.
  • Intraoral Photography – Our intraoral camera technology allows us to take pictures inside the mouth. We can then show you what we see during an exam, and allow you to make more informed decisions on your future treatments
  • Paperless Health Records – Our office keeps all patient records digitally, improving our ability to send records when needed and significantly cutting down on paper waste